Quarella Workday 25 July

Message from Nigel :

“Hi All,

The next work / funday has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 25th at 10.30 am. Our guest again will be Dr. Peter Hodges who is keen for us to expose the full stratigraphy between the Quarella Sandstone and the base of the Jurassic. Our recent last visit was very productive in exposing for the first time the White Lias Limestone (Langport Member, top of the Penarth Group in the Trias) containing our first fossil find on site – mussels . So if you would like to ‘muscle’ (groan) in on the next stage come and join us. As usual there are a variety of tasks both for the more energetic and more leisurely roles – from experience I can advise on the latter! Consequently a variety of tools will be required – spades, saws, fine cleaning etc. plus your lunch I hope to see many of you there. Any queries please let me know.

Cheers Nigel”


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