The Ruperra RIGS site is situated on a piece of land administered by the Ruperra Conservation Trust, just south of Draethen Village. The site is situated near the Tree Trail not far from the pond on the south-easterly boundary of the domain (see map below).

Map of Ruperra site

During a working visit on the 6th of April 2016, the first exposure was cleaned up, a second one was started but may need further work, and a third one further excavated to expose an isolated block of limestone. The results of later clearance work can be seen in the blog “Ruperra Clearance of January 2017“, and the more recent blog reporting on the site examination of March 2017.

Below are some of the initial clearance pictures. For a more comprehensive discussion of the various features, see the Ruperra RIGS Site web page.

First Exposure

Second Exposure

Third Exposure


South East Wales RIGS (Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites) works to enhance and protect a suite of geological sites across South East Wales.

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