Site Visits

The following sites have thus far made up the site clearance programme of the South-east Wales RIGS Group:


Quarella / Wildmill

Radyr Quarry

After careful consideration, it was decided that for the time being the scope of the Radyr Quarry is beyond this group’s capabilities.

Swansea RIGS Audit

Apart from the first entry, most of the visits below are actually not working visits, but either part of a SWGA field trip, or following a RIGS general meeting.

Llandegfedd Reservoir

This site was visited following the general meeting of 1 September 2018 as a get-to-know visit prior to actual RIGS work.

  • 5 December 2018

South East Wales RIGS (Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites) works to enhance and protect a suite of geological sites across South East Wales.

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