Swansea RIGS Audit

It has been proposed that the South-East Wales RIGS should get involved in a programme of evaluating a shortlist of proposed RIGS in the Sweansea area.

A list of 17 sites forms part of this shortlist, but so far this is only a proposed activity, and no agreement has as yet been reached with Swansea Council to progress on this issue.

Potential RIGS sites of priority interest
Note: The map contains Ordnance Survey Open Data and access under the terms of the Open Government Licence, OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2016)

An initial examination of the Kilay brick pit (no.6 on map) has taken place on 10 March 2017. An initial exploration of the West Cross pericline (no.4 on map) has also been undertaken.

A recent SWGA field trip has visited the Clements Quarry SSSI, the West Cross proposed RIGS site (no.4 on the map) and the abovementioned Kilay brick pit.

More recently, a short visit was arranged to Limeslade Bay subsequent to the general meeting of 14 April 2018 in Bishopston (no.15 on map).


South East Wales RIGS (Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites) works to enhance and protect a suite of geological sites across South East Wales.

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