SWGA Activities

Since many of the South-East Wales RIGS group members are also active in the South Wales Geologists’ Association, since the RIGS activities also form part of the SWGA committee meeting discussions, and since some recent field trips concerned themselves with RIGS sites, I thought it might be useful to list recent SWGA activities (activities that have been completed are greyed out). These can also be found on the SWGA’s website.

Winter Programme 2018/19

  • Saturday 20th October (Swansea): Coastal Processes (tbc): Dr Claire Earlie (Cardiff)
  • Saturday 24th November (Cardiff): The secret life of your mobile phone: Andrew Bloodworth (BGS)
  • Saturday 15th December (Swansea): The adventures of Curiosity rover in Gale crater: exploring the geology of Mars by robot. Prof. Sangeev Gupta (Imperial College)
  • Saturday 12th January (National Museum, Cardiff): Holiday Geology
  • Saturday 26th January (Cardiff): Life in the Freezer: how microbes live in the coldest places on Earth: Dr Liz Bagshaw (Cardiff)
  • Saturday 16th February (Swansea): Wholesale reconfiguration of the biosphere in the Anthropocene: a sustainable or unsustainable pattern? Prof. Mark Williams (Leicester)
  • Saturday 23rd March (Cardiff): AGM and Archaeopteryx: the story of an iconic fossil: Cindy Howells (NMW)

South East Wales RIGS (Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites) works to enhance and protect a suite of geological sites across South East Wales.

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